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Teleconference Case Consultation Groups

therapist group

General description:
Ongoing case consultation groups are forming now!

  • Two hour group sessions
  • Meeting once a month.
  • Small intimate group size.
  • 6-8 meetings initial commitment.

Crucible Case Consultation Groups have been ongoing for over 20 years. Some groups have been going on for over a decade. Many participants form long-lasting peer professional relationships. Besides focusing on interesting cases, group meetings offer opportunities for personal growth.


Case Consultation Groups provide:

  • Case-oriented learning
  • Improve your ability to "make data": clinical analytic skills
  • Recognize blind-spots in your clinical "radar"
  • Apply mind-mapping to your cases
  • Identify weaknesses in your intervention strategies and techniques
  • Develop and implement more effective treatment regimes
  • Increase effective use of yourself in therapy

Each session, one or two psychotherapy cases are deconstructed, analyzed and intervention strategies are developed. Case write-ups are generally 2 to 3 pages and fairly easy to complete. Cases generally focus on couples therapy with relationship, sexuality and intimacy problems. Cases involving parenting, money, and other family or in-law problems may be considered. Case deconstruction also considers the person of the therapist, and participants are encouraged to develop an environment supporting self-confrontation by group members.

Group specific information:

Video/Audio teleconferencing:
Participate by Skype (video/audio or audio-only) or telephone. See your instructor and other students participating in the group (Skype only). Ask questions by audio or text.

Case Submission:
therapists hands together Participants can submit cases they are having difficulty with or want to improve. Case submission should state the specific problem, question or issue to be addressed. Therapist must want to improve some aspect of the case and been unable to do so. (Excluded: Cases where therapist thinks therapy is going fine, but is "curious" how the case would be handled in the Crucible Approach.)

Case scheduling is accomplished in first meeting. Case write-ups are due 14 days prior to their scheduled meeting date, to allow other participants to review them. Participants agree to treat all case write-ups as confidential communications among professionals, and receive email reminders for scheduled and overdue case materials.

Missed sessions:
Participation is not available on a session-by-session basis. Students are expected to attend all 8 sessions. No reduction in fees for missed sessions.


Attendance at a Crucible 3-day or 4-day Clinical Workshop.

How to Register:
Click the button below to submit a registration application. You will need to know the name and date of the Crucible Workshop(s) you have attended.

After your registration application is approved, you will be sent an email with a link by which you can pay for the Case Consultation Group sessions. Your registration will not be complete until your application has been approved and payment has been received.