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Women's Retreat 2016

Enhancing Female Sexuality and Exploring Differentiation
in Romantic, Family and Workplace Relationships

This workshop is now complete for 2016.
For information regarding future scheduling of this workshop, be sure to join our mailing list, or call (303) 670-2630.

9am to 5pm, Friday and Saturday
October 21-22, 2016 (New Dates!)
Evergreen, Colorado
with Dr. Ruth Morehouse

Time for women, young or mature, to learn, laugh, play, share
and live out their true potential!


Workshop Pricing:
Early Registration, until September 15, 2016: $240.00
Standard Registration, after September 15, 2016: $300.00

Workshop Location & Lodging:
Marriage and Family Health Center
Evergreen, Colorado
Participants will be notified of the exact workshop location.
Lodging is available at local hotels and inns.

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The Women’s Retreat is a unique forum for learning about and exploring sexuality, differentiation, and personal development. Take a fresh look at femininity, leadership, women’s eroticism, and the conflicting roles facing today’s women. This retreat builds on the powerful energy, self -challenge, and camaraderie that can occur when women gather together in shared interest of personal growth. This retreat, with its emphasis on differentiation, is designed to meet the interests of women at different stages in their life, with varied backgrounds, issues and goals. This workshop is a psycho-educational experience and not psychotherapy.

  • The Women’s Retreat is for you if you are:
  • Caught up in family, work or a relationship and need a weekend away to get reacquainted with yourself;
  • Going through a life transition and want to use it as an opportunity for personal growth;
  • At a plateau or feeling stuck in your life, and it's time for new ideas about women's sexuality, women's roles and your options;
  • A sexual abuse survivor who is ready to embrace a healthier and more robust sexuality;
  • A mental health professional who wants to explore your personal development in order to help yourself and your clients; (This program is open to the general public, and everyone attends as a civilian.)


Come on Your Own and Make New Connections or Bring a Friend
Enjoy the Excitement of Evergreen, Colorado in the Summer!

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Who Will Be There: Differentiation is about diversity and the Women’s Retreat is for different kinds of women –women who are single, married, widowed or separate or divorced. Women of all sexual orientations, women struggling to develop a solid sense of self while maintaining important relationships, whether fresh with new adulthood, 30 to 45 or something, or maturing into the wisdom of later adulthood. The participants may include busy executives and full-time homemakers. This divergence of women can generate powerful momentum and an ambiance of understanding, compassion, and shared wisdom.

What You Will Learn: Discover how the process of differentiation is a route to enhancing emotional and sexual intimacy. Learn tools that help you develop a more solid sense of self while becoming more effective in relationships with friends, family and co-workers. Develop greater openness and comfort in discussing sexuality and exploring your sexual potential.

Location and Lodging information: Although Evergreen is just 35 miles from downtown Denver, it is a world apart in ambiance and easy access to the wonderful Colorado Rockies. Walk around Evergreen Lake, stroll through our art galleries, listen to music at the famous Little Bear Saloon, or hike our verdant nature trails. The Bears Inn and Highland Haven are ideal places to book lodging within a few minutes from our workshop location. For additional hotel sites visit our Evergreen Lodging page.

Ruth MorehouseWorkshop Leader: Dr. Ruth Morehouse is a licensed psychologist and also a certified sex therapist (Diplomat Status) through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). She previously completed two terms as the Vice President for Professional Practice for the Division of Couple and Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association, and will become President of this Division in 2017. She is also Co-Director of the Marriage and Family Health Center of Evergreen, Colorado, widely acclaimed for cutting-edge couple and sex therapy, and home of the Passionate Marriage and Crucible Approaches. Dr. Morehouse has given workshops for women, couples and mental health professionals throughout the United States and in twelve different countries over the last 27 years. She is an inspiring, zesty speaker whose presentations are conceptually exciting and exceedingly practical through down to earth examples.

People with Disabilities: MFHC/Crucible Institute uses facilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please contact us directly for special considerations to facilitate your learning experience.

Registration: Your registration will not be complete until you fill out and complete the Women's Retreat Workshop Agreement (available here), and return it to our office. Please print the Agreement, sign, and fax to our office at (303) 670-2392 or email to

Register Now!

Cancellation policy: By written request only.
When cancellation is received by September 23, 2016: full refund minus $75.00; Received by October 7, 2016: 50% refund; Thereafter and before start of workshop: 25% refund; No refund after start of workshop.