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(The following information is geared towards the general public. If you are a therapist, click here.)

Tour overview

We are pleased to announce the German translation of Intimacy & Desire: Awaken the Passion in Your Relationship by Dr. David Schnarch will be released February 21, 2011 by Klett-Cotta Verlag.

Book coverKlett-Cotta Verlag published the hardback German translation of Passionate Marriage in 2004, which has been a best-seller ever since. Passionate Marriage is also published in softback by Piper Verlag, now in its 9th printing.

The release of Intimacy & Desire will be accompanied by a three-week promotional tour and multi-city workshop and lecture series by Dr. Schnarch, geared towards both the general public and German therapists and health-care professionals.

Intimacy & Desire is an easy-to-read cross-over book, designed for both audiences. It's for couples and singles looking for help with sexual desire problems. It offers practical suggestions, time-tested solutions, and summary points to think about. And it's for therapists wanting a ground-breaking approach to sexual desire integrating modern interpersonal neurobiology. If you want it, all the science is documented in 150+ footnotes and accessable via the textbook-grade index.

In cooperation with Klett-Cotta Verlag

The Crucible Institute and Klett-Cotta Verlag have joined forces to promote the book release and workshop tour through a three-tier national print and electronic media campaign.

  • The huge marketing campaign will start in JanuaryKlett Cotta with ads in the most important bookseller's magazine Börsenblatt des Deutschen Buchhandels. This will be followed through March and April with ads in the major important book trade magazines like Thalia, DBH and others.
  • For the general public, there will be large ads in Psychologie heute magazine, Die Zeit newspaper, and elsewhere.
  • Also for the general public, online sales promotion through Amazon, Thalia, and DBH, which also includes a YouTube movie about the book at
  • For therapists and counselors, there will be large ads in Deutsches Ärzteblatt, Familiendynamik, Journal of the German Society for Sexual Research, Journal of the German Society for Systemical Therapy and Family Therapy, and announcements in many professional organizations' newsletters.

Public lecture date & location

Stuttgard, April 7. Public lecture at the Hospitalhof Stuttgart
"Intimacy & Desire, Awaken the Passion in Your Relationship."

Hospitalhof Stuttgart / Evang. Bildungswerk
Gymnasiumstr. 36/ Büchsenstr., 70174 Stuttgart
Tel. 0711/2068-117, Fax. 0711/2068-327

Workshop dates & locations

Dr. Schnarch will conduct one-day workshops based on Intimacy & Desire in four locations in Germany.

April 3
April 9*
April 14
April 20

Workshop overview
Every couple has difficulty with intimacy sooner or later. Therapists report sexual desire problems are very difficult to treat. This workshop offers the first explanation why normal healthy couples have sexual desire problems, and time-tested great ways to resolve them. This workshop is open to the general public and therapists alike.

This one-day program consists of four segments that help you:

  • Understand why normal healthy couples have sexual desire problems.
  • See what's really going on between partners,
  • Turn desire problems into personal growth and deeper intimacy.

Applying the things you'll learn could even change your brain!

What you will learn

10:00-11:30 Understanding Sexual Desire

  • The Ecology of Love Relationships--Sexual desire greatly shapes love relationships and turns them into "people-growing machines."
  • Lower desire/ Higher desire dynamics--In every relationship there's a low desire partner and a high desire partner, and the low desire partner always controls sex--whether he or she likes it or not!
  • Struggles of selfhood--The people-growing processes of emotionally committed relationships more strongly control sexual desire than libido or hormones.

11:50-13:30 Differentiation and the Four Points of Balance

  • Differentiation: The hidden process that turns love relationships into people-growing machines.
  • Difficulties being our own person in our relationship.
  • The Four Points of Balance™--Four unique abilities that control your desire, your relationship and your life. 
  • Applying your Four Points of Balance to solving sexual desire problems.

15:00- 16:30 Mind-Mapping

  • Your brain is built to map out your partner's mind (and vice versa).
  • Are you a "tracker?" Do you hide that you're mapping your partner's mind?
  • "Moments of meeting"--A new view of intimacy and brain science.
  • Sex is a brain-wiring moment--what happens when partners' minds meet during sex? The results can be life-shaping.

16:50-18:00 Using Your Body to Change Your Brain

  • Understanding the new brain science of neuroplasticity and applied training.
  • 7 conditions promoting positive brain change.
  • Hugging til Relaxed--a time proven way to resolve sexual desire problems, increase intimacy, and become a more solid person.
  • Debriefing Hugging til Relaxed--what to look for when you try this.
  • Questions and general discussion

Brief breaks occur mid morning and afternoon, and beverages are provided. Lunch is on your own, and can be ordered in advance at some workshop locations.

Who is this workshop for?

This thoughtful workshop is for adult couples and singles who want to completely change how they understand sexual desire and deal with sexual desire problems. This uplifting positive psychology approach offers hope, inspiration, and time-tested solutions to couples around the world confronted with desire problems. Whether you personally struggle with sexual desire problems, or you're a therapist who tries to help couples who do, this full-day seminar offers surprizing insights and practical tips for turning even long-term problems around.

Stimulating and horizon-expanding, while also practical and pragmatic, the things you learn in this workshop can change every aspect of your life and even perhaps your brain.

About the presenter: Dr. David Schnarch

Ruth MorehouseDavid Schnarch is a licensed clinical psychologist and author of numerous books, book chapters and articles on intimacy, sexuality, and personal growth, including the best-selling Passionate Marriage. He is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (Diplomat status), and a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). He was the keynote speaker for the 2007 Willhelm Reich Anniversary Congress in Berlin.

Dr. Schnarch is recognized around the world as a leading expert on sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. He is regarded as one of the most influential American therapists in the field of marital and sex therapy. He has achieved wide popularity through his publications, lectures, workshops, magazine and newspaper articles, and radio and television appearances.

For registration, city-specific details and more information, click here