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Frequently Asked Questions About Crucible® Brains

A Crucible Brain provides an optimal learning environment. A Brain does more than convey information, it's the way information is conveyed.

  • Different from a traditional book.
  • Better then an eBook.

What is a Crucible Brain?

A Brain is a way of organizing ideas and information. Connection between ideas is often as important and interesting as the ideas themselves. A Brain pre-organizes information for you.

  • It shows you how experts put these ideas together in their own minds.
  • You visually see these connections.
  • This is invaluable when you’re first learning new ideas.

You can learn this material in any order you choose. Learn your way.

  • You can back up and review an idea, or go off in a new line of thought if you like.
  • You can be methodical or jump around, however you like to learn.
  • Do you think in terms of vertical hierarchies? Or are you more of a "lateral" thinker?
  • You can move around inside the Brain as your own thoughts shift and evolve.

On your next trip through the Brain, you can review things you've previously covered via a different sequence. You can branch off in new ways. Or go over the same material from new lines of thought. Coming at things from different directions cements the 4 Points of Balance into your mind and brain.

Purchasing a Crucible® Brain

  • When you purchase access to the full version of a Brain, you receive a non-transferable revocable individual license to display the Brain on your personal computer. You can view the Brain repeatedly, but you may not copy, duplicate, reproduce, or distribute its contents by any means for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, nor permit other people to view its contents. It is made available to you for  personal use only.
  • A Crucible Brain is viewed online through your browser. It is not a downloadable file.
    Please note: Crucible Brains are not optimized for small screen mobile devices.
  • As a licensed user, you are entitled to future upgrades without charge. You pay once and that's it!
  • When you purchase access to a Brain you don't own the Brain itself. Its contents and all intellectual property rights thereto remain the exclusive property of the Crucible Institute. Usage is covered under this website's Terms of Use Agreement. This license is subject to termination if you violate the Agreement.
  • You must be a member of to purchase a Brain.
  • Links to your purchased brains will appear under "Crucible Brains" in the main navigation bar, and within the appropriate thoughts of the Main Menu Brain on the home page (and it's expanded view). You must be logged in to see these links.

Click here for the 4Points of Balance Brain (sample version))

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Click here for the Couples Self-Discovery Brain (sample version)

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