Adopting To Online Workshop Learning


We’ve always been excited to offer Crucible Workshops on-location in beautiful and unique destinations – however, this year is clearly different.

The great news is that we’re going to be offering workshops throughout the year, and while we’ll be missing the opportunity to see your beautiful faces, we are looking forward to still delivering this important content, and in a format that may actually expand the potential audience. If you’ve never joined us because of travel, dates, or logistics concerns, we hope you’ll find joining us for these workshops this year easier than ever.

Workshop sessions will occur at the same date and time as originally scheduled, if they were live workshops.

Intermissions for lunch and between-session breaks will also occur.

We suggest you go to a reserved space to preserve your time and not get gobbled up by your family during the time you would have been away for the workshop.

Participant-to-participant Interactions make our residential workshops powerful organic learning experiences. We expect this will continue whether we are ten feet apart or on the other side of the world. To facilitate this, we will limit group size and add optional sessions for group discussion and comments to compensate for not being able to hang out with each other in the evening. This will also give us time to process how the workshop is going.

Technical Matters

If you are having logging on during the programs you have registered for, please contact [email protected]

Take the time to get familiar with how Zoom works in advance of the workshop, especially how to turn your video camera and microphone on and off, and how to “raise your hand” to ask questions or make comments. Practice this several times before the workshop session so you can do this quickly and efficiently. It breaks the flow of the conversation and other participants get restless if this takes a long time.

Watch videos here.

Use the Zoom app, especially if you’re using a phone.

We will offer pre-workshop assistance (by appointment) downloading the application for workshop registrants who are not technically savvy. We will update on what program we are using. Contact us at [email protected].

Make sure you have good bandwidth (speed) and reliable connection from your Internet provider. Relying on WiFi connection is not best practices because of possible problems in both areas. A hard-wired ethernet connection from your router to your computer is much better.

We strongly suggest headphones with microphone to reduce feedback in what you hear and what others hear from you. If your transmission induces unacceptable background noise or echo into mix, you won’t be able to participate in discussions.

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