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How Mind Mapping Brain Science Can Change Your Life And Everyone In It

A Brief Excerpt From The Index

Brain TalkĀ has a textbook-type Index offering granular access to the brain science and therapy details contained within it. Below is an illustrative sample. The Index contains copious entries covering every aspect of the book. This sample highlights one of the Index’s strong points:

Whereas the Table of Contents organizesĀ Brain TalkĀ for the general public, the Index does the same for mental health professionals. The Index is organized aroundĀ Crucible Neurobiological Therapy, its methods, important ideas, and theoretical underpinnings.

eBook versions (Standard and Professional) ofĀ Brain TalkĀ have hyperlinked Indexes that take you right to the main text. This greatly facilitates pursuing particular topics of interest as they surface throughout the book. It’s as simple as touching the screen of your reading device or clicking your mouse.

From The Index

Crucible® 4 Points of Balance287, 375 

1st Point: Solid Flexible Self287 

2nd Point: Quiet Mind & Calm Heart287 

3rd Point: Grounded Responding287 

4th Point: Meaningful Endurance287 

Crucible® Neurobiological Therapy177, 186, 213, 331, 342, 389, 393, 398, 401 

Considerations for more effective therapy396 

Focus on inner experience398 

Insight is not enough397 

Role of the therapist417 

Treating traumatic mind mapping and disgust reactions385, 393 

anterior insula and disgust385 

exploit the IFO (anterior insula)402 

synchronize implicit and explicit memory399 

Crucible® Neurobiological Therapy, methods214, 223, 264, 397, 404, 409, 410, 415, 418 


antisocial empathy143 

holes in autobiographical memory351 

holes in mind mapping radar173, 247 

mind–mapping ability189, 190 

mind–masking ability193 


aspects of CNT written dialogs 410 

mental dialogs with antagonist264, 271, 426 

written dialogs with antagonist271,409 

Intensity of sessions

bang your head against the wall until the wall moves232 

high arousal and “safe emergencies”423 

posttraumatic growth427 

window of tolerance425 

Interpersonal domain256 

6 points for dealing with antagonist416 

10 points for dealing with interpersonal moves281 

analyze audio and video recordings262 

analyze correspondence259 

cross–reference memories of traumatic events256 

increase differentiation416 

make “gold standard” responses290 

modify current relationship with antagonist415 

Memory reintegration406 

facilitate SAM to VAM processing404 

resolve trauma impact on SAM to VAM processing401 

symptoms of SAM to VAM processing426 

Neuroplastic activities

aspects of CNT conjoint neuroplastic activities415 

conjoint neuroplastic activities412 

Eyes–Open Sex and Orgasms311, 398, 413 

Heads on Pillows310, 398, 410 /span>

Hugging ‘till Relaxed309, 398, 410 

self-regulation during contact with partner412 


heart rate variability biofeedback412 

in-session psychophysiological monitoring412 

Role of the therapist in CNT234 

CNT therapist activities418 

use your left brain to corner your right brain234 

Solutions for resistant problems227 

Visualization techniques232, 389 

aspects of CNT visualization activities409 

envision your child in your situation231 

guided imagery format407 

see the setting216 

shift to a third–person view229 

targeted mind mapping214 

watch the action unfold218 

Crucible® Therapy (differentiation-based)398, 417, 424, 430 

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David Schnarch
Brain Talk is written by award-winning clinical psychologist, and world-renowned relationship expert, Dr. David Schnarch. He has a proven track record for creating innovative therapies and making complex brain science understandable and useful to the general public. His ground-breaking professional contributions have received awards from the American Psychological Association, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and the American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. He is Board Certified in Couple and Family Psychology (ABPP), and his textbook Constructing the Sexual Crucible is used in therapist training programs internationally. His prior books Passionate Marriage and Intimacy & Desire are in constant demand and have been translated in languages around the globe.
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