Brain Talk - A New Book by Dr. David Schnarch

How Mind Mapping Brain Science Can Change Your Life
And Everyone In It

By Dr. David Schnarch, PhD.



Brain Talk Professional Edition eBook



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From the outset, Brain Talk was designed to be a “crossover book” for psychotherapists, teachers, researchers, and graduate students. All eBook and paperback versions of Brain Talk have four Appendices containing the scientific research and documentation they require.

The standard eBook version of Brain Talk allows readers to jump back and forth between the main text and the underlying research in the Appendices. All 400 entries in the reference section are hyperlinked to their appropriate citation in the main text. The hyperlinked textbook-type Index, organized around technical aspects of Crucible® Neurobiological Therapy, offers ready access to the brain science and therapy details reported within.

Brain Talk--Pro Edition eBook adds additional functionality, making it easy to continue educating yourself about ideas in Brain Talk that you want to pursue further. If you are serious about developing new brain-based therapies, Brain Talk Pro provides the stimulus for generating insights and innovating methods of your own.

You can go from reading Brain Talk--Pro Edition eBook to exploring related articles in scientific journals in less than a minute! The end notes and references in Brain Talk--Pro Edition are hyperlinked to hundreds of free scientific journal articles (PDFs) available online. Using these as stepping stones, a world of exciting brain research is just a few clicks away. Brain Talk--Pro is readable on Kindles and smartphones, but works best on laptops running Kindle_PC or Kindle_Mac software with Internet connections and download capacity.

  • Brain Talk--Pro gives therapists the opportunity to discover the research literature for themselves, quickly, strategically, and effectively.
  • Brain Talk--Pro is perfect for academic courses. Students can easily access original journal articles to supplement Brain Talk as the primary text.
  • Brain Talk--Pro facilitates graduate students’ dissertations and research papers, collecting information from primary sources, and developing reference lists. Students can easily peruse the research literature, broaden their perspectives and stimulate their interests.

If you're a mental health professional (or a die-hard brain wonk) and unsure which version of Brain Talk is best for you, you can't go wrong with the Pro Edition. Once you experience amazingly easy access to the scientific brain research literature, you'll wish all your educational resources were this good. Even if you're not ready to dive into published research, the functionality is there if you want it in the future.