Constructing The Sexual Crucible

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Praise from the Experts “Intimacy is a multifaceted state of subjective and objective appreciation of multiple dimensions of partners’ sensual, sexual, and social personas. Many have tried to define and describe an interpersonal state of intimacy–most have failed. David Schnarch has succeeded to a level never previously attained. A well-worn copy of Constructing the Sexual Crucible should be in every psychotherapist’s library.” William H. Masters, M.D. Masters and Johnson Institute “Schnarch is outspoken, compassionate, energetic, scholarly, and visionary. He offers the most unifying model of sexuality, intimacy, psychological development, and systemic interaction I’ve ever read. Constructing the Sexual Crucible may just be the most important book on integrating sexual and marital therapy to come along in decades.” Alan S. Gurman, […]

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Table of Contents

Leaving The Promised Land The Quantum Model of Sexual Function and Dysfunction Sexual Potential: Actualization of Eroticism and Intimacy The Quest For Intimacy A Clinical Model of Intimacy Constructing the Sexual Crucible Individual Dimensions of Intimacy and Sexuality The Dyadic System in Intimacy and Sexuality The Problem of “Problems of Sexual Desire” Politics of Sexual Desire and the Nature of Wanting The Extended Emotional System: Families of Origin The Extended Emotional System: Lovers and Friends Inside the Crucible In Pursuit of Sexual Potential Uses of Inherent Paradox in Sexual/Marital Therapy The Therapist’s Involvement in Therapy Sexuality and Spirituality Order Constructing the Sexual Crucible Now at!

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Constructing The Sexual Crucible Overview

Help for sexual difficulties and dysfunction, and marriage or relationship problems. From the introduction “The emphasis of this book is on health and growth rather than pathology; absence of pathology does not create the type of marriage folks think they want. Eroticism and intimacy in marriage (and marriage itself) are adult developmental tasks. Thus, this book shifts from the deficit focus pervading many treatment approaches to an asset model; this shift also reflects my faith in human potential, including sexual potential. My patients will tell you, however, there’s nothing about this approach that reflects naiveté. We sometimes talk about goodness, but we also talk about hatred and normal marital sadism; it is very much a ‘hardball’ approach.” Overview First published

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