Follow-Up Sessions

Older Couple on PicnicCrucible® Intensive Therapy can be incredibly productive when you are ready to buckle down and deal with important things in your life. We work hard to help you accomplish as much as you possibly can. Some couples, however, get off to a slow start. And some have more issues than could possibly be resolved in a matter of days. Others accomplish what they came to us for and want to go further. Many want follow-up to maintain their gains. For these and a variety of other reasons, we offer the option of follow-up sessions by telephone when this might be beneficial.

Time has shown clients find telephone follow-up sessions to be a helpful addition to their visit with us. It’s also possible to set up on-going therapy with a series of fly-in Crucible® Intensives interspersed with sessions by telephone. NOTE: Phone sessions are only available to clients of our Intensive Therapy Program. There are no exceptions to our policy.

For more details on our Intensive Therapy Program, request additional information or call our office at 303 670-2630.