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Crucible® Intensive Therapy Program

Crucible® Intensive Therapy Program


loving couple

Crucible® Intensive Therapy Program


loving couple

Twenty years ago, our therapists pioneered a special sequence of sessions known as our Intensive Therapy Program. We developed this format out of necessity, so people outside our community could benefit from our unique clinical approach.


Requests for treatment from around the world followed publication of Constructing the Sexual Crucible in 1991.  A traditional one-hour-a-week format couldn’t accommodate people living in other states or countries. So, we took the content of Crucible® Therapy and created a novel structure: Our Intensive Therapy Program, consisting of four or more consecutive days of closely-spaced sessions in half-day blocks.

Over time we learned a lot about our Intensive Therapy Program. It has a process all its own, differing from conventionally-paced treatment. It requires more skill from the therapist. Clients find there’s less room to dodge issues, and more time to work them through. Rapidly accelerating therapy allows some couples to get through issues they would otherwise bog down in. Life-changing turning points (“crucibles”) develop quicker. Couples with longstanding problems have more opportunities to move forward. An Intensive is not a "magic bullet." But it's a great way to make the most of your efforts, if you're ready to buckle down and deal with long-avoided issues.  So much so, we now offer our Intensive Therapy Program to Colorado residents.

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Topics and focus of an Intensive are determined by each couple's unique needs. Crucible Intensive Therapy can cover a wide range of issues, such as:
Sexual enrichment and enhancing intimacy
The Intensive Therapy Program can help you and your partner explore your sexual potential and capacity for intimacy. For many couples, a “second honeymoon” is better than their first. Many people are better in bed in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s than they were when they were twenty. If you seek deeper emotional union, greater passion, or help with sexual problems,  Crucible Intensive Therapy offers ways to increase your capacity for intimacy and eroticism, and turn a good relationship into a great one.
Getting “unstuck”
We see lots of distressed couples who seem hopelessly emotionally gridlocked. Some withdraw from each other and avoid critical issues. Others have volatile conflicts that leave both partners hurt and angry. A Crucible® Intensive can help you: 
  • Stop pointing fingers and identify each partner's roles in repeated negative interactions
  • Get beyond circular arguments
  • Give up defensive stances
  • Discuss loaded issues
  • Take responsibility for change and make it happen
  • Build a satisfying relationship
Resurrect your relationship
Is your sex life asleep, comatose or dead? Have you lost hope or desire to stay together? In many couples we see, one partner wants to end the relationship. In others, both partners are burnt out, fed up, and almost ready  to give up. Demoralization is a serious problem in many couples we see. The best cure for demoralization is seeing your efforts improve your relationship. Speed is important because  improvement creates hope.  If you're willing to do what it takes to change your marriage, the closely spaced sessions of the Intensive format helps you see the fruits of your labors. Approaching things through our framework of "marriage is a people-growing machine" can make you more resilient.  

Individual attention
A Crucible® Intensive focuses on you as an individual as well as part of a couple. Working on individual issues is an integral part of the process. An Intensive helps you work on becoming a more mature and solid person, who can be a better partner. Opportunities for personal growth occur both in-session and between sessions.

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A New Way Forward

All Crucible® Intensives have a few things in common:
  • A unique understanding of how love relationships really work.
  • A new picture of yourself, your partner and your relationship.
  • A “womb to tomb” approach that applies to you and your partner, and relationships with children, parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers.

The Crucible® Intensive Therapy Program can address common problems like nagging undercurrents, boring sex, and lack of intimacy, or more difficult issues like:

  • Constant bitter arguments
  • Separation or imminent divorce
  • Pervasive relationship problems
  • Power and control struggles
  • Extramarital affairs
  • Sexual dysfunctions and desire problems

Overall Gains
Couples' results vary because their gains are largely determined by their own efforts. Changing your relationship requires talking things out, and then doing things differently. If you're willing to do that, Crucible® Intensive Therapy can help you develop:
  • Self-respect and respect for each other
  • Authentic communication in a non-threatening way
  • A strong collaborative alliance
  • Greater emotional resilience and commitment
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Couples, families, and individuals come from around the world for our  unique Crucible® Intensive Therapy Program. Others have tried to copy our format, but our Intensive Therapy Program remains unique because it offers Crucible® Therapy, our ground-breaking clinical approach.

For more details on our Intensive Therapy Program, request additional information or call our office at 303 670-2630.


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