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The Crucible Four Points of Balance

Brief description of the Crucible Four Points of Balance and link to the Four Points of Balance Brain.

Happy Father's Day to Respectable Fathers
The greatest gift a father can give is being a parent his child can respect.
Normal Marital Sadism

People who talk a lot about empathy and attachment security make me nervous.

Removing The Masks

Conventional therapeutic wisdom aside, people typically don’t hurt each other because they’re out of touch, unable to communicate, or can’t help themselves. All too frequently, they do hurtful things with impunity and entitlement simply to gratify their own needs.

A Valentine To The Mae West in Every Woman

In the classic marital struggles over frequency of sex, who do you envision as the high desire partner? The man? Or the woman? This Valentine's Day article celibrates female sexuality and women's eroticism.

Traveling, Teaching, and Learning

Back from Taiwan. The joy of teaching and learning is watching the best in people stand up. Workshops in North America and Germany. Release of German edition of Intimacy & Desire.

Charles Manson, Please Save Marriage & Family Therapy

I just finished reading an about-to-be-released book containing recent correspondence and transcripts of interviews with Charles Mason, now age 77. (Charles Manson Now by Marlin Marynick, published by Cogito Media Group. Manson derives no financial gain from this book.) The first paragraphs convinced me that Manson could really help the field of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT).