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Instructions for Selecting a Username & Avatar/Personal Photo


Members use for a variety of purposes, and the username and photo you select should reflect this.

If you are planning on cyber-dating, or you want maximum privacy, select a username that is not your real name and cannot be linked back to your offline life. If you will be establishing Friend or Confidant status with people you are just getting to know, this is the best (safest) way to go. If someone has your name, it is possible he or she may be able to locate where you live and contact you offline without your permission. Also put your personal safety first.

If you want to link up with current or former friends, you may use a username like "Firstname.Lastname."  We do not recommend this option, but we know some people prefer this.

If you are in doubt, please take the more conservative option and select a anonymous username. If you wish to change your username after reading this, you may do so by selecting the "edit" tab on your Personal Page.


You must either select an Avatar or post a personal photo. (You also have the option of having both if you like our gallery.)  If you want complete privacy, select an avatar. You can selective display your personal photo to people you choose, and everyone else will only see your Avatar.