May 2011 Edition #2


Boy, there's a lot going on at the moment!

Some relationship approaches enjoy great public popularity, but lack professional credibility, like Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Others are popular with professionals. If you're a therapist you can name the current pantheon, and if you're not, the names won't mean anything.

Crucible Approach, however, is well-known in both worlds. We have "street cred" and professional recognition. Our books are read in many graduate school training programs for therapists.

At the moment you can see our dual-popularlity at three Internet sites, each one a leader in its own genre:


David posted two articles on his blog. Both are on the front page of the web site at the moment! They'll be available on David's blog whenever you get to them. But if you want to see them on the home page, or want to keep them there, log on to quick before they scroll off.

Things are also hopping on, where David is a unique voice in "The Great Attachment Debate." This discussion is landmark in the psychotherapy field. Our thanks to editor Rich Simon for making this possible. reviews aren't known for professional debates. But there's one on the Intimacy & Desire book page. Resmaa Menachim challenged distortions and inaccuracies in a review by Australian sex therapist Dr. Sandra Pertot. We think he's done a commendable job. But take a look for yourself and rate his reply as helpful or not.

We've got new publications on the way we're eager to announce. And we're dying to tell you about our workshop tour in Germany. But we wanted to get this news flash to you while things are happening!




Psychology Today Blog

"Ideas to Ponder from Intimacy & Desire"

We posted two articles on his blog just in time for Mother's Day:

  • Hey Mom! I Love You!
  • Happy Mother's Day to Mothers of Basic Decency.

The first is something David wrote for his mother. The other is a look at motherhood including mothers who hit their children Within hours of release, responses started showing up from mothers who unloaded on their kids. Some of it is heart-wrenching. Don't miss their comments.

And here's your heads-up! We'll soon release a new blog series on, entitled "Ideas to Ponder from Intimacy & Desire."

  • "Ideas to Ponder" are summary ideas at the end of each chapter of Intimacy & Desire.
  • There are more than 60 Ideas to Ponder.

Ideas to Ponder Blog unpacks these key thoughts, principles, or observations, and highlights additional points within Intimacy & Desire.

Ideas to Ponder Blog commences later this month with the unveiling of our revised where Ideas to Ponder will also be available.

Click here to read David's Mother's Day posts


Pychotherapy Networker Webinar & Blog

The Great Attachment Debate

Networker Magazine recently featured an article on The Great Attachment Debate, summarizing developments in attachment research and therapy. For counterbalance, childhood expert Jerome Kagan commented critically about the research and David spoke about attachment-based therapy.

Editor Rich Simon followed up in a 6-part New Perspectives on Practice: The Great Attachment Debate series with 1-hour webinars with Alan Sroufe, Allan Schore, Dan Siegel, Susan Johnson, Jerome Kagan and David Schnarch. (click here for webinar reruns.)

Webinars aired over the last few weeks, David's ran a short while ago. There's been lots ot activity on the webinar discussion blog. Posts have been thoughtful, challenging, exciting and illuminating. It has turned into a dialogue between David and the psychotherapy industry, especially with attachment-based therapists. Not surprizingly, David had a lot to say. Unexpectedly, the dialogue documents what we've been saying about pitfalls in attachment-based therapy.

If you want to see how psychotherapy is widely conducted today, and how the Crucible Approach differs, don't miss this finely-detailed pithy exchange. You'll find therapists' statements and questions together with David's responses. Whether you are a mental health professional or academic, graduate student in training, currently in treatment, or considering treatment, you're bound to learn alot.

  • Can therapists give too much support and empathy?
  • What's "too much" confrontation?
  • Do you have to get more attached to your partner before you can differentiate?
  • Is marriage just a recapitulation of unresolved childhood issues?
  • How does differentiation-based therapy differ from attachment-based therapy?
  • What kinds of therapeutic errors do therapists prefer to make?

You won't find a better discussion of cutting edges issues facing therapists, clients, and today's psychotherapy industry.

To read more , click here.


Intimacy & Desire Workshop for Couples and Singles

August 26, 27, 28, 2011
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Last year, we taught at Kripalu Center for the first time and we really enjoyed ourselves. So did the enthusiastic audience of couples and singles who attended. That's why we're going back in 2011!

The Intimacy & Desire Workshop combines lively informative presentations, large group discussions, and guided experiential activities to help you understand the true nature of emotional and sexual intimacy in committed relationships. Open to couples and singles of all sexual orientations.

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