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Thank you for your order


Initial New Member Log-in:
  • If you were not a registered user of before making a purchase: You will receive an e-mail with your temporary user name and password good for one-time access. Please use these to log-in and update your username and password.
  • Use these login credentials to access links to your purchases on You must use the same member account as you did when making this purchase.
  • You will receive two emails, one containing your webinar login information, and another containing the URL where the webinar will occur.
  • Your webinar username and password is located on your purchase confirmation email. Please keep this in a safe place for easy retrieval. (Your webinar username and password differ from your login credentials.)
  • Your webinar username and password are also located on your personal page when you log in to (You cannot change your webinar username and password.)
  • To join the live webinar, copy and paste the webinar URL into your internet browser. You’ll find this on your second email and on your Crucible4points personal page. (This brings you to our Adobe Connect portal.)
  • Enter your webinar username and password. (Not your credentials.)
  • To view the Webinar Case Description before the event or the recorded webinar when each one becomes available, visit your Crucible4points personal page.
 Downloading MP3 Files
  • You will receive an e-mail containing convenient links to your files. These links are good for one download only.
  • If you need to download these files again, you’ll find links on your personal page when you log in to Click on the "files" tab.. 
  • Your files will be available for up to 5 downloads for a period of 90 days.
  • Audio mp3 files longer than 80 minutes will have two files. You must download each file separately.
4 Points of Balance Crucible Brain
  • When you purchase the full version of the 4 Points of Balance Brain, links will appear in  the Main (horizontal) navigation bar under the heading "Crucible Brains."
  • The 4 Brain is viewed online through your browser. It is not a downloadable file.
  • You must log in using the same member account as when you purchased your Brain.
  • Crucible Brains are not optimized for small-screen mobile devices.
Contact Us

If you have any problems with our shopping cart or accessing your purchases, we are here to help. You can reach us through the website at the Contact Us page, or email us at Our office is open Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, Mountain Standard time. Call us at 303-670-2630.