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Resurrecting Sex: Resolving Sexual Problems & Rejuvenating Your Relationship

by David Schnarch, Ph. D.

Part One: A Crash Course In Sex

1. A Second Chance At Sex
2. How Sex Works
3. What If You Can't Get Aroused?
4. Do You Have Difficulty With Orgasms?
5. Twenty Two Ways To Resurrect Sex

Part Two: How Sexual Relationships Work

6. Changing Is Often Difficult -And Worth It
7. Hold Onto Yourself!

Part Three: Drugs, Devices And Bionic Solutions

8. Sex Devices and Surgical Solutions
9. Sex Drugs: Better Loving Through Chemistry?
10. Can Medical Solutions Improve Your Marriage?

Part Four: Couples In Search Of Solutions

11. Getting Started: Sexual Arousal And Desire
12. So You Want To Have An Orgasm
13. Reaching Climax Slower Or Faster
14. What Will It Take To Change Things?


A. Drugs and Medication Side Effects
B. Drug Indirect Side Effects That Diminish Sex
C. Medical Conditions and Diseases Creating Sexual Problems
D. Drugs Associated with Sexual Dysfunctions
E. Organic Conditions Causing Diminished Desire
F. Resources


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