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Professional Workshop

Crucible Neurobiological Therapy BILINGUAL Workshop #4

Six-Day Practicum



When: October 20- October 25th, 2020
Time: Day 1-5:  1 pm- 5 pm  (5 pm- 6 pm break) 6 pm- 9 pm (whole day is 1pm-9pm) Central European Time. Day 6: 1 pm- 5 pm CET
Audience: Advanced Therapists. Attendance at at least one of the prior 3 CNT workshops is required.
  • Early Registration (September 29): €645
  • After September 29: €770
The Practicum is led by Dr. Schnarch and will be a full-immersion experience that focuses on practical application of Crucible Neurobiological Therapy.
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CNT #4- Six Day Clinical Bilingual Practicum

October 20 – October 25


Presented by
Dr. David Schnarch


For more information on the Crucible Neurobiological Therapy Workshop Series, click here.

Have you attended the previous 3 CNT Workshops?
Are you full to the brim with Crucible Approach regression work and LMD’s?
Are you still trying to figure out how you can apply your knowledge into your practice with clients?
In response to numerous requests, this years Crucible Neurobiological Therapy Workshop (#4) will be a practicum devoted to in-depth application of the brain-based methods taught in prior CNT workshops and will focus on the deconstruction of problem cases.
The Practicum is an organic learning experience. Participants are invited to submit write-ups of their difficult cases. A selection of submitted cases drives the conceptual and clinical content discussed and the clinical problems addressed. This Practicums will focus on practical skills, application of right-brain methods, removing blind spots and identifying places where you “get stuck.” As a participant, you will develop your ability to make clinical interventions and steer them to success.
Additional learning objectives include:
       Refine your pacing and leading.
       Deal with cases that scare you witless.
       Explore opportunities to “take the therapist’s chair” in clinical simulations and receive immediate feedback.
Daily activities involve analyzing cases in depth, recognizing sources of difficulties, identifying necessary changes, developing intervention strategies, and making interventions in therapy simulations.
The Practicum group process provides a supportive environment that encourages showing up as a person and therapist, professional development and personal growth.
Practicums will be conducted by Dr. David Schnarch. (Practicums in Germany will be translated by Tara Christopeit.) Registration is limited to permit more personal attention and consider the “person of the therapist.” Prior attendance at one or more Crucible Neurobiological Therapy Workshops (#1, #2 or #3) is required to register for this practicum.
The Practicum will be a full-immersion experience that facilitates personal reflection, self-application, and professional rejuvenation.
In addition, we strongly recommend reading Brain Talk before this year’s program.


To learn more about Brain Talk, click here.

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Thirty years ago David Schnarch developed Crucible® Therapy, the first differentiation-based core integration of sexual and marital therapy. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and author of internationally best-selling books (Passionate Marriage, Intimacy & Desire, Resurrecting Sex, and Constructing the Sexual Crucible.)

David has a proven track record of clinical innovation. He has received 3 major awards for professional contributions to the practice of psychology, sex therapy, and marriage and family therapy. He is regarded as one of America’s most influential therapists in these fields. David is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (Diplomat status), a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), and Board Certified in Couple and Family Psychology.

Twelve years ago David began integrating modern brain science into Crucible Therapy. Crucible® Neurobiological Therapy, the first mind mapping-based interpersonal neurobiological therapy is the result. Refined through a decade of exhaustive literature review, clinical innovation and case study research, David’s latest work was released in January, 2018 in his newest book, Brain Talk: How Mind Mapping Brain Science Can Chance Your Life and Everyone in It (Sterling Publishers).


Early registration (received by September 29th, 2020) –  €645
Standard registration (received after September 29th) –  €770
Attendance at all six days will be required.

Cancellation Policy:
By Written Request Only.

Up to 21 days before workshop start date= 75% refund
Up to 14 days before=  50% refund
13 days until day before workshop= 25% refund
Cancellation for medical reasons (with documentation) will receive 100% refund
In lieu of refund, you can attend another Crucible® Workshop of equal or lessor cost within the next
year at no additional charge.


For tips on preparing yourself for this online workshop, click here.

For more information on the Crucible Neurobiological Therapy Workshop Series, click here.

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