European Advanced Crucible Case Consultation

Facilitated by Franziska Bischof, Natalie Westera and Tara Christopeit


When: 1st Wednesdays, March 2021- October 2021
Group Consult Time: 4pm- 7 pm CET
Where: Online, Zoom
Audience: Experienced Crucible therapists
Cost: $1650

Please review the program description below, download the application and return the completed form by email by January 15th to .


European Crucible Case Consultation


Franziska Bischof, Natalie Westera, & Tara Christopeit,

March 3rd, 2021- October 2021

Limited to 8 participants, 6-8 month commitment

Once/month 3-hour group consultation

1 case per monthly meeting

Are you looking to increase your effectiveness as a therapist working in differentiation?

Do you want more guidance and oversight to fine tune your understanding of the Crucible Approach?

The Crucible Institute is pleased to announce a new program for consultation with experienced students and practitioners.

Committing to this 6-8 month program will deepen your ability to utilize the Crucible approach in practicing therapy.

Please send your interest in participation by email to Upon receiving your desire to join this program, you will receive further registration instructions.


Attendance at Crucible Neurobiological Therapy workshops

Participation in Dr. Schnarch’s monthly webinars

Attendance at additional Crucible workshops


Solid internet accessibility

Ability to make group consults consistently

Program Details:

Each month will focus on one participant’s case that has been reviewed by all three consultation leaders.

Total program cost= $1650

Payment is due in full before start of program.

$206.25/month x 8 months=$1650

This total price includes:

Monthly Group Consults‚Äď 1st Wednesday of the month from 4 pm- 7 pm CET (Central European Time)


March 3rd

April 7th

May 5th

June 9th

July 7th

August 4th

September 8th

October 6th


About Your Consult Group Leaders:


Dr. Franziska Bischof, Psychiatrist, MFT

Franziska Bischof is a Swiss Medical Board certified psychiatrist and psychotherapist in private practice in Zurich, Switzerland. She has been training in the Crucible approach with Drs. David Schnarch and Ruth Morehouse since 2007. After graduating from the University of Zurich Medical School in 1993, she did a 5-year residency in adult psychiatry at the Psychiatric University Hospital of Zurich in both in- and out-patient settings. During her residency, Franziska completed a 2-year training program in Marriage and Family Therapy at the Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy in Meilen, Switzerland directed by Rosmarie Welter-Enderlin. She worked as a Qualified Mental Health Professional at Options Counseling Services in Eugene, Oregon for three years. Upon her return to Europe, Franziska worked as an attending physician at the Zurichberg Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, treating individuals and couples as well as training resident physicians from 2006 until 2008. Since 2008 she has been in private practice treating couples and individuals. She also trained for 4 years as a Sex therapist in the Sexocorporel approach at the Zurich Institute for Sexology and Sexual Therapy, ZISS. Franziska provides group and individual supervision for psychotherapists since 2011. She and her husband have been together for 30 years; they live in the countryside outside of Zurich with their 18-year old cat.

Natalie Westera, OT

Natalie Westera is an Occupational Therapist that has specialized in Mental Health.  She has 18 years of clinical experience working with couples and families.  The past three years she has worked as a couples therapist in the family department at Modum Bad, a psychiatric hospital in Norway.  Prior to this she worked 10 years in her own private practice in Australia, where she specialized in working with couples.  Natalie has also worked 5 years in Child and Youth Mental Health both in Australia and in Norway.  In addition to working with couples, Natalie has spent the past 8 years providing clinical supervision to other therapists.  Natalie works as a crucible therapist.  She has been receiving clinical training in the crucible approach by Dr David Schnarch and Dr Ruth Morehouse since 2012.  Personally, Natalie has been married for 21 years and has two daughters.


Tara Christopeit, HPG

Tara Christopeit is a licensed psychotherapist (HPG), who has been working as a translator for Drs. David Schnarch’s and Ruth Morehouse’s workshops and publications since 2011. Before becoming a full-time clinician in 2019, Tara was trained in Crucible Therapy by Dr. David Schnarch and Dr. Ruth Morehouse, who were her ongoing clinical advisors. She has conducted women’s workshops in the USA with Dr. Ruth Morehouse and Sarah Morehouse and is currently getting her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Tara lives in Berlin, Germany, where she treats couples and individuals in private practice.

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