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It is with profound sadness that we inform you that Dr. Schnarch has died from a sudden heart attack. Needless to say, we are in shock.

At a later date, we will post a longer tribute along with plans for our trainings, events, webinars and all the myriad programs Dave launched in the last 30 years. For now, let us say that Dave’s passing leaves a giant aching hole in our hearts and our lives.

We know this terribly sad news will hit those of you who knew him hard as well. Ours is a tight community and was much propelled by the intelligence, spirit and love that Dave generated. But know this: it was a two-way street. He thrived on his relationships with so many of you and always proclaimed loudly that he learned as much from his fellow therapist and clients as he imparted to them.

We welcome your thoughts, prayers and tributes and have will post a link for everyone to use in the very near future. Our hearts are broken and we are very clear – Dave would want most of all for this work to be carried on. … and we will do everything in our power to bring his vision to life.

– October 12, 2020

Crucible Neurobiological Therapy is the newest offering from the Marriage and Family Health Center and The Crucible Approach.

CNT offers new ways to treat highly troubled couples and individuals from dysfunctional backgrounds. It offers the first fully developed therapy based on the brain science of mind-mapping—the brain’s innate ability to make a mental map of another person’s mind.

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Since 1991, The Crucible Approach has been pioneering a growth-oriented paradigm based in individual differentiation for improving sex, intimacy and relationship problems.

The same concepts that professionals use to be better therapists can be adapted by everyone to create better relationships. Differentiation, the Four Points of Balance and Mind-Mapping can be utilized for personal relationships.

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Interpersonal Neurobiology of Systemic Racism


Traumatic Mind Mapping during COVID-19

New video by Dr. Schnarch on the impact on Americans of COVID-19 and the traumatic mind mapping taking place in the collective interpersonal neurobiology. 

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