Crucible® Sexual Desire & Interpersonal Neurobiology Self-Education Course

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Crucible® 21-Day Self-Quarantine Coronavirus Challenge

Stay home, save lives, and spice up your sex life!
Wear your mask when you’re in public  like all superheroes do!

A 21-lesson online seminar
Cutting-edge info on sexual desire!

Based on the lecture at
the 2010 Annual Conference of the
American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy

Sexual Desire, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Marital Therapy
by Dr. David Schnarch

Stay at home, save lives,
 and receive a video-based lesson each day
for twenty one days!

Sexual desire problems are couples most common sexual complaints since humans have recorded history on clay tablets. What does cutting-edge brain science have to offer with this age-old problem? How can we best implement what ground-breaking brain research can teach us? This far-reaching seminar covers topics and viewpoints many therapists overlook or ignore. What challenges do these new insights pose for marriage and family therapists?

This video seminar is also appropriate for the adult general public, whether you are in a committed relationship or currently single. If you’re dating online during the Coronavirus pandemic, these mind-expanding four-to-six-minute segments will give you plenty to talk about. Use them to raise the level of your Skype and FaceTime sessions and map out your new prospect’s mind.  

We hope this video series improves your life and encourages you to do your part to end the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Stay at home and maintain social distancing.
  • Wear your cloth mask in public (like all superheroes do).

This is the time to open our minds and hearts to those we love.

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