Brain Talk - A New Book by Dr. David Schnarch

How Mind Mapping Brain Science Can Change Your Life And Everyone In It

Brain Talk Overview

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Have you ever bought a thoughtful gift for someone you love? Or realized someone was being sarcastic with you? Or enjoyed someone else’s misfortune? These every-day events involve mind mapping, your brain’s ability to create mental pictures of how someone else’s mind works. Mind mapping underlies all aspects of daily life, from the best to the worst. You won’t find an aspect of your life where mind mapping isn’t involved – and you probably never heard about mind mapping before!

Brain Talk offers what you need to know about mind mapping and the emerging brain science of interpersonal neurobiology (how interacting with other people affects your brain). Brain Talk is written for the general public in an easy-to-read style and establishes a personal relationship with you. It creates vivid pictures in your mind with attention-grabbing examples, and walks you into powerful new understandings of yourself and the people who populate your life. Reading Brain Talk can be a life-changing experience!

Part One explains mind mapping and increases your ability to “read” people and map their minds (and your own). It helps you know what they want, what they are feeling and thinking, and what they are likely to do. Part One also covers mind masking (shielding your mind from being mapped), lying and deception. Brain Talk revolutionizes your understandings of yourself, your spouse or romantic partner, and the other important people in your life.

Part Two explores the darker aspects of mind mapping, like traumatic mind mapping and antisocial empathy. Traumatic mind mapping occurs when mapping some else’s mind leaves your mind traumatized. Did you grow up in a troubled home with bad experiences that produced vivid “flashbulb memories” that linger in your mind? Do you have recurring thoughts about someone you’re dealing with who does  disturbing things? Part Two helps you understand subtle interpersonal trauma. Brain Talk reveals the short- and long-term negative brain impacts of traumatic mind mapping.

Part Three shows you how to repair the negative impacts of traumatic mind mapping and deal effectively with the difficult people in your life. It also shows you how to use mind mapping to create positive healthy interactions with those you love, and ends on an uplifting note.

Brain Talk is based on Crucible® Neurobiological Therapy, developed through 15 years of clinical research with highly troubled clients. Brain Talk is also a crossover book for therapists, educators, and avid readers of brain science. Four Appendices contain the scientific brain research underlying the main text and offer in-depth discussions of important topics (over 100 pages and 400 references). Textbook-type (hyperlinked) index makes this easily accessible.

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David Schnarch
Brain Talk is written by award-winning clinical psychologist, and world-renowned relationship expert, Dr. David Schnarch. He has a proven track record for creating innovative therapies and making complex brain science understandable and useful to the general public. His ground-breaking professional contributions have received awards from the American Psychological Association, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and the American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. He is Board Certified in Couple and Family Psychology (ABPP), and his textbook Constructing the Sexual Crucible is used in therapist training programs internationally. His prior books Passionate Marriage and Intimacy & Desire are in constant demand and have been translated in languages around the globe.
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