Advantages of Crucible® Intensive Therapy Program

Advantages of Intensive Therapy

Advantages of Intensive Therapy

Couple on SwingClosely spaced sessions are no solution in themselves. When attempted by inexperienced therapists, things go “nowhere” faster, and clients’ hopes and financial resources disappear quicker. A therapist who can do a whole hour of “on the mark” therapy is not so common. One who can do that for half a day, day after day, is extremely rare. If the therapy approach or therapist isn’t up to the task, longer or more frequent sessions do not help.

A series of intensive closely spaced sessions of Crucible® Therapy, however, offer advantages traditional weekly sessions cannot match.

  • The speed at which the "crucible" develops–therapy starts to happen–is unparalleled.
  • People experience the "turning point" nature of their lives at greater depth.
  • This rapid beginning helps people stop "dancing around" and go through the natural people-growing processes hidden within relationship problems and marital and family difficulties.
  • The process feels and operates differently because it develops in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months.

wildflowerThe Crucible® Intensive Therapy Program is a powerful way to develop new (more accurate) ways of understanding yourself and your situation. Then it facilitates putting your new learning into action. It helps couples, families, and individuals change entrenched ways of relating and become better “differentiated” (more resilient and adaptable). Crucible® Therapy encourages partners and family members to develop a solid “self" while maintaining emotional connection with others.

  • Even when treatment focuses on marital issues, the benefits often ripple through the entire family (children, siblings, and parents) and business life as well. Regardless of the number of people in treatment (couples, families, singles), Crucible® Therapy focuses on people as individuals as well as their relationships.

Intensive Therapy sessions typically occur morning or afternoon during the week or Thursday through Sunday on selected weekends. Sessions are held at Marriage and Family Health Center facilities in Evergreen, Colorado.

For more details on our Intensive Therapy Program, request additional information or call our office at 303 670-2630.

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