Welcome to the new Crucible4Points.com

David Schnarch
Dr. David Schnarch

New ideas, important thoughts, and assorted musings

David Schnarch
Dr. David Schnarch

New ideas, important thoughts, and assorted musings

Welcome to the new Crucible4Points.com

Greetings! This is the relaunch of Crucible4Points.com. We hope you like our new look and features. We've been hard at work behind the scenes to bring you a host of improvements, including:

  • Beautiful "look and feel"
  • Improved navigation
  • New articles

Increased community functionality has been greatly improved through:

  • Member search feature
  • Member-to-member communication through internal instant messaging (IM)

Crucible Brains have been greatly enhanced through:

  • Attractive display of brain content
  • Graphics and photos
  • Basic and Advanced Brain Views

Basic View offers a simplified text-based menu system for new users, unfamiliar with non-linear learning systems that let you create your own path through a knowledge database. Advanced View provides a dynamic graphic interface that's fun to use, and shows you the connections between ideas.

We'd love your comments about our new site. Click here to send us an email.

Dr. David's Corner

In the future, I'll continue to use "Dr. David's Corner" to write about things that don't quite fit into book form, or expand on the books I've written, or touch on things that are on my mind, dear to my heart, or hit me in the gut. (I'll stop here with the anatomy tour.) I'll write as the situation arises, the muse strikes and time permits.

Hopefully, articles from Dr. David's Corner will educate, entertain, and stimulate discussion in the Crucible4Points.com community.

Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I'm 64?

My wonderful daughter, Sarah, sent me an antique birthday card, which said:

Birthday Wishes:
Let hopeful joy thy brow adorn,
when thou dost greet they natal morn.
And my thy days' seift passing hours,
enjoy the scents and sweets of flowers.

On the card was a male and female pair of birds, nuzzling beak to beak, bringing together the idea of birthday wishes and a satisfying relationship. This visually- beautiful and sentimentally-meaningful card taps the basic way intimate relationships and a satisfying life go hand in hand. What better to wish someone on his or her birthday than a loving and rewarding marriage with a lifemate.

I am thus blessed, and I hope you are too.



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