Crucible® Therapy Webinar Series

2-Hour Teleconference Case-Analysis Sessions
Presented by Dr. David Schnarch, Ph.D.Co-Director, Crucible Institute


This workshop is now complete for 2015.
For information regarding future scheduling of this workshop, be sure to join our mailing list , or call (303) 670-2630.

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The Crucible® Therapy Webinar Series is a monthly internet-based case conference, designed to increase continuity of learning for therapists around the world. If you are one of many therapists who asked for more ways to continue learning between our workshops, here’s your solution. This addition to our training activities offers distance learning through teleconferencing and online video.

Since February, 2016 Dr. David Schnarch has hosted a monthly case-based webinar for therapists. Each month our two-hour meeting focuses on treating a specific clinical problem. Each webinar deconstructs a case submitted by webinar participants or Dr. Schnarch. Case material is modified to protect client anonymity and we utilize Zoom as a user-friendly platform. Webinars cover strategic analysis of treatment problems, developing new strategies and interventions, person of the therapist issues, and topics of interest in each case. Audience members can ask questions and interact with Dr. Schnarch during the webinar and see how Dr. Schnarch sizes up cases and develops powerful interventions. You have the opportunity to possibly receive consultation on your own cases.

“The webinars are an excellent opportunity for me to keep checking my work as a therapist and to find out why something doesn’t work. I get specific help on how to achieve better results as a listener or on my own cases. The atmosphere that David creates is very appreciative and inspiring. Even if the two hours are exhausting sometimes, I very much regret missing out on a seminar because this support for my daily practice has become very valuable to me.”    B. Rohweder, Germany

Sample topics:

      • Differentiation
      • Doing therapy with difficult clients
      • Creating collaborative alliances
      • Making data from client statements
      • Doing brain-based therapy
      • Further topics to be announced
These webinars combine the fine art of psychotherapy with essential clinical experience.



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